what is teachable music?

  • Teachable Music is an ever-expanding library of developmental music and movement experiences designed by a passionate, experienced, early childhood music educator, Ruth Thompson.

  • Teachable Music is short, easy to follow videos, with all the hard work done for you, to guide early childhood educators and carers in their curriculum decision making and assist in planning and implementing fun filled daily musical experiences.


  • Teachable Music is a professional development package designed with you in mind; recognising how busy you are. It is designed to make music teaching easy, no matter what your musical experience or confidence level and give you flexibility in your implementation with children aged 0 – 5 years.



  • Early childhood educators, teachers and carers who know the importance of music and movement in these vital early years but don’t know where to start or who need assistance in their own planning.


  • Staff in long day care centres, pre-schools, kindergartens, playgroups, family day care, early intervention settings, early childhood centres who need inspiration to extend and develop their current capabilities.


  • Parents of infants and toddlers and pre school aged children who need new ways to engage in creative, imaginative musical play at home.


  • Early childhood educators in remote and regional communities that don’t have regular access to Professional Development in music education.



Diploma in Teaching (Early Childhood Education)
Graduate Diploma in Music Studies
Australian Kodàly Certificate
Certificate in Training and Assessment IV


Music education has been at the heart of Ruth’s teaching career for over 30 years now. Initially trained as an Early Childhood Teacher, her natural love of music and singing meant offering developmental and sequential musical experiences in all her classrooms. Her career has led her into early childhood settings, infants and primary school and private colleges, as well as being called upon regularly to deliver music education to teachers.

Taking up full time work as a Classroom Music Specialist in Qld in the early 1990s led her into further studies with University of Qld and Kodàly Music Education Institute of Australia. The philosophy of Kodàly, “music for children, music for life”, has inspired her own practice and led her to design her own dynamic syllabus in use at Early Years Music School.

“Specialisation in early childhood and music education, has enabled me to deepen my understanding of the value of music development in children as young as babies, and the immense impact it has on their learning, language development, socialisation, physical and emotional well being, identity and self expression.”

Ruth’s research based syllabus is aligned to the Early Years Learning Framework and is woven together with her own passion, dedication, creativity and love of her job.